Demo-Set Transformer

Demo-Set Transformator

Transformer operated with a mains coil for demonstration experiments on the topics:
- Electric welding (high current)
- Melting channel (high current)
- Spark plug (high voltage)
- Lightning horns (high voltage)
- Thomson's round robin test
Incl. teacher's manual for 5 experiments

Demo-Set Transformer

Art. no. 54000

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  • 1 - Arcing horns

    experiment "Arcing horns"

    A transformer consisting of the mesh coil and the 24,000-turn coil is used to create an arc between two flashing horns.

  • 2 - Spark plug

    experiment "Spark plug"

    A transformer consisting of the mains coil and the coil with 24,000 turns is used to operate a spark plug.

  • 3 - Melting trough

    experiment "Melting trough"

    A transformer made of a mesh coil and a smelting trough is used to smelt tin.

  • 4 - Welding machine

    experiment "Welding machine"

    A transformer made from a mesh coil and a hand welder is used to spot weld metal sheets.

  • 5 - Thomson ring experiment

    experiment "Thomson ring experiment"

    To demonstrate Lenz's rule, Thomson's round robin test is carried out with the net coil.

scope of supply
  • 2 × Barrel base
  • 1 × U-Core with I-Core and clamping device
  • 1 × Mains coil with 600 turns
  • 1 × Coil with 24000 turns
  • 1 × Coil with 5 turns
  • 1 × Annular melting trough
  • 1 × Welding strips, set of 10
  • 1 × Pair of floating metal rings
  • 2 × Experiment lead for high voltages, 30 kV


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