Students kit Electrical energy sources

Art. no. 23030

For school experiments involving sources of electrical energy, which can be carried out within the...

Students kit Solar cell

Art. no. 23060

For school experiments using solar cells, which can be carried out within the time frame of a sing...

Hydroelectric power plant as a model

Art. no. 44632

Attractive and easily understood model consisting of an impulse turbine and a 6-V, 3-W generator w...

Students kit Energy conversion

Art. no. 48550

This kit contains all the equipment and resources for a host of experiments on conversion of energ...

Demonstration kit Photovoltaics

Art. no. 49346

Combining knowledge about the possible uses of renewable energy systems has now become a key compo...

Demonstration kit Solar thermal energy conversion

Art. no. 49355

For demonstrating the fundamentals and technical applications of solar thermal energy conversion. ...

Demonstration kit Wind energy

Art. no. 54620

This kit contains apparatus for carrying out fundamental experiments on the use of wind energy. Us...

Demonstration kit DynaMot

Art. no. 54852

To carry out teachers’ experiments with the hand driven generator DynaMot and the experimenta...

Students kit DynaMot

Art. no. 54853

This kit allows school experiments to be conducted using the DynaMot manually powered generator de...

SEG "Energy Conversion 2"

Art. no. 76350

More than 20 students experiments and written exercises impart basic physics and chemistry phenome...