Demonstration Kits

Students kit Fundamental physics

Art. no. 16005

The equipment in this kit makes it possible to conduct 96 fundamental experiments on the topics of...

Demonstration kit Physics

Art. no. 16500

A very important basis for a profound and successful physics lesson is the demonstration of experi...

Demonstration kit Flight and flying

Art. no. 29008

The kit contains apparatus and resources for demonstrating the fundamental processes and relations...

Tellurium N

Art. no. 31121

The particular innovations are the use of a Fresnel lens to produce an extra bright and parallel l...

Demonstration kit Mechanics

Art. no. 43080

For the demonstration of various laws of mechanics with levers, pulleys, pulley blocks and dynamom...

Demonstration kit Mechanics for the steel board

Art. no. 43085

For the demonstration of the basic laws of mechanics and simple machines as pulleys, pulley blocks...

Demonstration kit Functional human eye model

Art. no. 47030

To demonstrate the optical functions of the eye such as creation of the image of an object on the ...

Demonstration kit Geometric optics for the steel board

Art. no. 47080

These model bodies can be used on a steel board in conjunction with Laser Ray Box 47128 to demonst...

Demonstration kit Optics for the steel board

Art. no. 47095

For investigating the path of rays through lenses, prisms and mirror models attached to a steel bo...

Coloured mixture accessories for Optics for the steel board (47095)

Art. no. 47487

Consting of two plane metal mirrors on magnetic stand bases, one each foil filter red, blue and gr...

Demonstration kit Optical bench – Basic collection

Art. no. 47600

For demonstrating fundamental laws of light. The kit contains all the individual components and eq...

Demonstration Kit ‘Optical bench – Supplementary collection’

Art. no. 47605

The kit contains all materials to demonstrate the wave nature of the light. The kit “Optical ...

Demonstration kit Photovoltaics

Art. no. 49346

Combining knowledge about the possible uses of renewable energy systems has now become a key compo...

Demonstration kit Solar thermal energy conversion

Art. no. 49355

For demonstrating the fundamentals and technical applications of solar thermal energy conversion. ...

Demonstration kit Electrostatics

Art. no. 50332

The kit allows to carry out a series of interesting, partly historical, experiments on electrosta...

Students kit Electrical circuits for the steel board

Art. no. 53540

The bases for components are magnetically attachable and the top is printed with the relevant circ...


Art. no. 54000

Transformer operated with a mains coil for demonstration experiments on the topics: - Electric wel...

Demonstration kit Wind energy

Art. no. 54620

This kit contains apparatus for carrying out fundamental experiments on the use of wind energy. Us...

Accessory kit ‘DynaMot’

Art. no. 54845

In the manual further experiments are suggested which can be conducted with the components of the ...

Demonstration kit DynaMot

Art. no. 54852

To carry out teachers’ experiments with the hand driven generator DynaMot and the experimenta...

Demonstration Kit Dynamics 2.0

Art. no. 4299588

The kit contains equipment and resources required for demonstrating the basic laws of motion and o...