Mini-Kit ‘Optics’

item number 16110

The kit contains a comprehensive manual and 19 different items e.g. an optical bench, a lamp wit...

Demonstration kit Functional human eye model

item number 47030

To demonstrate the optical functions of the eye such as creation of the image of an object on the ...

Demonstration kit Geometric optics for the steel board

item number 47080

These model bodies can be used on a steel board in conjunction with Laser Ray Box 47128 to demonst...

Demonstration kit Optics for the steel board

item number 47095

For investigating the path of rays through lenses, prisms and mirror models attached to a steel bo...

Physics experiments on imaging optics
Optical set with optical bench for pupils

item number 47530

This kit covers the following basic laws of physics: Newton’s corpuscular theory of light ...

Physics experiments on wave optics
Supplementary set for wave optics for pupils

item number 47540

The additional kit contains materials and devices for further seven basic experiments The parts of...

Class set Optics 2.0

item number 47545

Thanks to the unique multifunctional student lamp, this class set for six learning groups can be u...

Demonstration kit Optical bench – Basic collection

item number 47600

For demonstrating fundamental laws of light. The kit contains all the individual components and eq...