Little researchers - discover the world together!


Why is the apple so shriveled?
Why can you see yourself in the mirror?
Why do air bubbles rise up in the water?
Children have a lot of questions. They perceive the world around them permanently and very intensely, they marvel, want to understand - and try it out themselves ...

This is exactly where the concept that the research boxes "Anja and Leon are experimenting ..." is based on. The focus is on the independent action of the children. They enable the educators to save time because there is no time-consuming procurement of materials.

With the materials from the experiment boxes, the children can feel like "real" little researchers. Let us treat you to this experience and the fun!

The exciting experiments

  • are aligned with the educational plans.
  • work safely.
  • can be easily reproduced.
  • can be done indoors or outdoors.
  • support 
    - training eye-hand coordination
    - the promotion of language and cognitive skills
    - the consolidation of social skills through common problem solving

All experiments and their scientific background are explained in detail and are introduced on the basis of everyday stories. The children make assumptions or tell of their own experiences, they observe the experiment and are encouraged to give their interpretation of the phenomenon. Illustrated flowcharts help the children to understand the experiments independently.