Experimenting in chemistry lessons

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As a chemistry teacher, you have to pay special attention when experimenting if chemicals are part of the experiment. Then you are not only responsible for the experiment set-up, the selection of materials and chemicals, the safe execution, but also for the corresponding risk assessments.
Each individual step sometimes takes a lot of time to prepare. Do you have everything ready in the collection? Take a look at our chemistry section, where you will find everything ready for you.

The practical, thematically sorted complete science kits are designed for student experiments and already contain all materials, chemicals, teacher's handouts and risk assessments. In our student sets you will find topics such as Substances, Mixtures, Water, Acids, Lyes, Salts, Distillation, Extraction and Gas Evolution as well as many others.
Equipment sets, eg for electrochemistry, spectral colors and the popular molecule construction kits also facilitate your chemistry lessons.