Students kit Air – Gases around us

Art. no. 31710

We constantly breathe air in and out. Air pressure weighs down on all of us. But as it is mostly i...

Experiments for primary school with doll

Art. no. 33050

Vinus as a doll can be inte­grated into the experiments and engenders a high degree of identificat...

Primary school experiments on air

Art. no. 33100

Equipment for 1 group (with concept stories).   Age 7-8

Experiments on air for primary school

Art. no. 33106

This is a typical excerpt from one of the stories about the little extra-terrestrial creature Vinu...

Experiments for primary school with UFO

Art. no. 33150

A vacuum pump is used to take the air from the space capsule (Magdeburg hemispheres principle). Th...