Primary school experiments on air

Art. no. 33100

Equipment for 1 group (with concept stories).   Age 7-8

Experiments on air for primary school

Art. no. 33106

This is a typical excerpt from one of the stories about the little extra-terrestrial creature Vinus,...

Experiments for primary school with UFO

Art. no. 33150

A vacuum pump is used to take the air from the space capsule (Magdeburg hemispheres principle). The...

Experiments for primary school with doll

Art. no. 33050

Vinus as a doll can be inte‧grated into the experiments and engenders a high degree of identificatio...

Vinus explores the world Teacher’s manual – Air

Art. no. 3310061

• Story to read aloud or tell • Methodical approach • Possible experiment ideas / tips • Pedagogi...

Vinus explores the world Logbook for pupils – Air

Art. no. 3310062

• Concept stories as mnemonic device • Plenty of room to document findings • Hidden object game to...

Students kit Air – Gases around us

Art. no. 31710

We constantly breathe air in and out. Air pressure weighs down on all of us. But as it is mostly inv...