How can we help you?

General questions

  • Are the experiment sets produced by yourself?

    Yes, we develop the concepts together with teachers and produce the Science Kits as well as the experiment sets ourselves. Our products are assembled in Germany by our experienced staff, which is reflected in their high quality and durability.

  • Where can I get comprehensive information about the experiments and the matching worksheets?

    Of course, every experiment kit and every experiment set comes with a comprehensive handout containing, among other things, instructions for the experiments and suitable worksheets. In our download area you will also find supplementary materials such as editable worksheets. 

  • I am looking for ideas for informatics/ coding and robotics. Where can I find them?

    Under Digital Learning you will find exciting products in the field of "Computional Thinking" such as the single-board computer Calliope mini. 

  • Can I also find products for kindergarten and after-school care?

    Yes, in addition to our products for primary and secondary schools, we also have a variety of products for kindergarten, such as experiment boxes on Water and Air, Light and Sound, Nature and the Environment. For after-school and free work, we offer various mini kits on topics such as Mechanics, Air and Water, Sounds and Electricity.

  • Can I get the delivery on a specific date?

    Yes, in principle your preferred dates will be taken into account.