We develop remarkably good teaching concepts!

You are in the right place if you consider experiments in your class to be an important building block. At Cornelsen Experimenta, we develop experimental materials in Berlin, from kindergarten to primary school to STEM lessons in secondary school.

Since it will come from practice itself, we know how important learning through is for the development of your students. At the same time, the time windows in everyday school life are getting narrower. There is hardly any time for the preparation and post-processing of experiments. Therefore we link z. B. Worksheet and experiment as soon as they are created. With our tips and tricks, the handout will become a more than practical helper for you as a teacher.

Are you a primary school teacher and looking for exciting experiments? Then look forward to our red cases in general education. Or do you want your lessons to be different and more sustainable? Then be curious about the new concepts around the topic of storytelling.

We also have a lot in our luggage for you as a secondary school teacher . Find out e.g. about our new concept in secondary school, where comic meets natural science.
We have the right product for every occasion.