Class Sets

Class set Electricity 2.0 Basic circuits for circuit boards

Art. no. 23410

6 groups of students can experiment at the same time.   Experiments Electric circuits Conducto...

Class set Mechanics 2.0

Art. no. 43020

Possibility to tie in with mathematics: Use of age-appropriate statistics when evaluating Test...

Mechanics 2.0 Additional kit Pulleys

Art. no. 43022

With the additional kit the class set Mechanics 2.0 can be graded up. Experiments on fixed pulleys...

Class set Optics 2.0

Art. no. 47545

Thanks to the unique multifunctional student lamp, this class set for six learning groups can be u...

Physics experiments on magnetism

Art. no. 49450

In 14 different stations your whole class can explore the elementary properties of magnetism as we...

Physics experiments on induction and alternating current

Art. no. 54075

With these high-quality materials, students from grade 9 onwards can carry out important experimen...