Experimenting in physics class

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Physics combines many different subject areas. Electrics and magnetism , thermodynamics , optics , mechanics , dynamics , waves and oscillations ,,energy are firmly anchored in the curriculum depending on the federal state.
Many physical topics can be excellently combined with digital methods. Often the effort is not great and the solutions are already prepared.

And no matter which lesson topic you focus on, you will find the right experiments for your physics lessons here. When developing the experiment sets, we pay attention to the practicability in your everyday school life and the application scenario in the classroom. Therefore there are the following compilations:

Each complete experiment set also includes the corresponding teaching materials such as experiment instructions, worksheets and teacher's handouts, as well as a free download area.

Student experiments for physics lessons

The editable worksheets form the heart of the experiment kit of our Generation 2.0 and are available for the topics of electronics , mechanics , magnetism , optics , electric motors and dynamics . They can be downloaded and edited free of charge as a Word document in the download area. Each worksheet is tried and tested. Therefore, it sometimes also contains necessary references to mathematics, tailored to the respective grade level. The tasks are formulated clearly and unambiguously and refer to a real situation that the students can imagine. The various info boxes on people or topics also provide assistance and additional information.

With one click you can take a closer look at the sample worksheets.

All advantages of the experiment sets 2.0 at a glance:

  • usual flexibility and independence from specialist rooms
  • Clarity and thus verifiability of completeness at a glance
  • Class sets include the
    - meaningful reduction in the number of experiments related to the framework curriculum and the feasibility in terms of time in the classroom
    - associated reduction in acquisition costs

In addition, each set contains:

  • ready-to-use worksheets: can be copied and edited as text documents in the free download area
  • 3D assembly instructions for experiments with tripod material
  • Additional materials for individual help and options for internal differentiation with a QR code

Physics experiments for presentations

The demo sets are ideal for the presentation of physical experiments by teachers and students alike. As a physics teacher, you can use these experiment sets to illustrate scientific phenomena in experiments. These experiment sets offer pupils the reliable possibility of e.g. B. after independently working on a topic in the learning group, to secure the result in the concrete application and to train the method of presentation by means of an experiment .

The experiment sets always contain the necessary safety instructions, photos of the experimental set-up and instructions for carrying out and evaluating the experiment.