T-shirt (size M) - explore the body with augmented reality

also for bilingual and interdisciplinary lessons

Put on the T-shirt and explore the human body in different languages (e.g. EN, G, F, SP)!
This is possible with the Body Planet Magic T-shirt. Dive into the depths of the human body with your learners in the truest sense of the word. With the help of the T-shirt, it becomes a very personal, unforgettable experience. Augmented Reality makes this a real possibility and experience in every classroom for all children as early as 3rd grade, simply offline. Completely automatically, the 3D organs, 3D organ systems, functionalities and real sounds open up in the free Body Planet app. This perfectly complements the use of simple models such as the classic torso, allowing for even more vivid and educational lessons up to grade 7/8.
The T-shirt corresponds to a clothing size S for adults and is therefore also suitable for physically larger children. They can put it on over their everyday clothing. A slightly smaller size (146-164) is also available: order number 1000001.

Art. no. 1000003

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further product description

Body Planet Magic T-Shirt offers
interactive 3D representations of the torso
- with heart,
- digestive system and
- surrounding internal organs, bones and muscles.
Technical terms are available in different languages (German, English, Spanish, French etc.)
- excellently suited for (parallel) bilingual teaching.
A photo function among other things for
- consolidation of what has been learned,
- creation of worksheets and
- use in homeschooling and afternoon classes.
The free app automatically generates the body interior view via the marker (the pattern) on the T-shirt. In the process, different layers (and even individual structures or organs) can be faded in and out on the tablet or smartphone, providing deeper and deeper insights into the body that are absolutely anatomically correct.
It is very easy to switch between the subject areas:
- Interior view of the chest cavity - good for overview, location of organs and structures.
- Focus on digestion - here the path of the food can be followed animatedly, the interaction of the organs and their tasks become clear
- Focus on the heart - here the full functionality of the heart is shown in longitudinal section, the pumping, the blood flow, the atria and ventricles in their joint mode of action.
The anatomy specialists of the University of Barcelona have certified the 3D images and 3D animations.
As usual, this app has also been tested by colleagues in different schools. Whether as an introduction, during learning at stations, or to consolidate and present what has been learned - its use has already proven successful in different teaching situations and grade levels for the following topics:
- the path of food through the body
- heartbeat and pumping action
- structure of the heart
- me and my body
- health and wellbeing
- healthy nutrition
- exploring the body on your own
The purchase of a class set is usually not necessary. The license is valid for 1 end device (e.g. tablet) and can be transferred to other devices.

  • 1 - Discovering the inside of the body

    experiment "Discovering the inside of the body"

    The childern get to know the inside of the body at a glance. In doing so, they can fade in and out of the levels of the organs and organ systems and thus better grasp their location and functions in interaction.

  • 2 - Organ system under the microscope

    experiment "Organ system under the microscope"

    In different modes, various main topics can be examined and explored in more detail: entire torso, digestive system or heart with corresponding animations.

  • 3 - Naming and Assigning Structures

    experiment "Naming and Assigning Structures"

    The learners explore the structures in the body by means of search assignments or in an exploratory-discovery manner. With the help of the "Cursor" or "Objective" function, the naming and assignment can be checked and consolidated.


T-shirt (size 146-164) - explore the body with augmented reality

Art. no. 1000001

Put on the T-shirt and explore the human body in different languages (e.g. EN, G, F, SP)! This is ...

T-shirt (size S) - explore the body with augmented reality

Art. no. 1000002

Put on the T-shirt and explore the human body in different languages (e.g. EN, G, F, SP)! This is ...