With the all-round app, full concentration on the experiment

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The universal app eXperilyser does not replace experiments. She supports them digitally. It allows students to fully concentrate on the experiment without neglecting measurement and evaluation. A digital camera is used for. B. from a tablet or smartphone as an instrument for using seven different modules:

    • Video analysis

      Digitize movements live and evaluate them physically
      For example, a pendulum movement (also coupled pendulum) is displayed live in the st diagram. The movement can be recorded and the individual data saved for further processing.

    • Log data

      Make analog measuring devices usable digitally. B. from liquid columns (burettes), digital displays (scales, multimeters) or pointer swings (hygrometer, ammeter, blood pressure monitor). The data is digitally available for further processing.

    • Graph Challenge

      Experience the st diagrams for yourself
      For example, students can translate the line of a given st graph into their own movements.

    • Measure distances

      Easily measure extreme lengths
      For example, measure the diameter of lunar craters or the distances between cell gaps.

    • time lapse

      Set slow speed
      Show e.g. B. how the stars move in a night or how snails reproduce.

    • Follow tracks

      Make invisible paths visible
      Observe with your students e.g. B. where the ant road really runs or when most cars drive where.

    • Photo trap

      Capture unique moments safely
      Do e.g. B. visible which animal fetches the feed or when the last drop causes the barrel to overflow.

    Test the eXperilyser for two weeks free of charge.

    For further use, you need a license code, which you can purchase from us.

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