Smart factory: eXperiBot learning robot with teaching material

eXperiBot Smart Factory

The eXperiBot learning robot impresses with its simplicity, step-by-step logic and reduction to the essentials and is ideal for classroom use.

The teaching material Smart Factory from grade 5 is a very comprehensive complete solution for bringing the real world into the classroom with the eXperiBot. A real factory has served as a model for the development of the game plan. Pictures that can be called up directly at the stations via QR code provide exciting insights.

The eXperiBot uses the multi-sensor to orientate itself on the printed lines and colours on the game board. And the comic figure Arianna provides support in the motivating comic, so that really everyone can learn programming.
2022 eXperiBot learning robot was nominated for the Best European Learning Materials Award (BELMA).

Art. no. 71631

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further product description

Special features
- A short comic directly involves the children in the new task of the programmer Arianna.
- Arianna accompanies the children through the programming tasks and gives tips when necessary.
- Multimedia accompaniment directly from the game board
- Worksheets are also available online in the download area.

eXperiBot learning robot
The eXperiBot is the perfect learning robot for your lessons: super-quick to assemble and can be used with the other teaching materials, such as In the Labyrinth of Possibilities, for teachers and pupils from grade 7 upwards.

Programming with Blockly
Blockly is an intuitive software. With drag & drop, the graphical elements can be easily assembled into code. In this way, basic programming concepts such as loops, variables, conditions, etc. can be learned by children as young as grade 5. A big advantage is the selection of different learning levels within Blockly itself. In this way, the selection of graphic elements is adapted to the respective level of knowledge of the pupils in a very individual and flexible way.

Differentiation possibilities through
- Tips and tricks from Arianna
- Choice of different learning levels in programming
- Choice of different languages in Blockly

The set includes
- Game plan with QR codes for multimedia application
- Handout for teachers
- Worksheets as copy templates
- all building blocks and robot modules for building the necessary factory robot models

Tinkerbots® is part of Cornelsen Experimenta GmbH and stands for the proven and robust use of robots in children's hands - "Made in Germany".

  • 1 - Smart Pusher

    experiment "Smart Pusher"

    The pusher’s job is to move packages from the pick-up area of the game board to the gripper arm. To do so, the pusher must move back and forth along its predetermined path. The basic elements of the motion comprise following the line and reversing direction at the end of the line.

  • 2 - Smart Gripper

    experiment "Smart Gripper"

    The gripper arm’s job is to take the packages sent by the pusher and lift them onto the conveyor. This requires the programming of a series of movements with servomotors (twister, grabber and pivot.

  • 3 - Smart Sorter

    experiment "Smart Sorter"

    The sorter receives packages from the conveyor, which it must then transport to the right discharge area depending on the colour. To do so, it must first correctly identify the line, in order to remain on its predetermined path. At the same time, it must also obtain information about the section of the path where it is currently located, in order to determine the correct position to “discharge” the cargo.

  • 4 - Smart Conveyor

    experiment "Smart Conveyor"

    The basic task of the conveyor in combination with the factory devices is to transport a package to the sorting robot.
    In the learning loop, the students are instructed to equip the conveyor with a sorting function.

scope of supply
  • 1 × Storing tray, deep, red
  • 1 × Tray insert, black 70 mm with 4 partitions
  • 1 × Lid for 75028 + 75038
  • 1 × SEG Lidfoam, grey 10 mm


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