eXperiBot learning robot

Robotics means more than building a multitude of robots. And coding has nothing to do with stringing together 0s and 1s either. eXperiBot shows how both can be fun while always keeping the focus on the essentials.

Pupils have already heard about self-driving cars, networked data worlds and intelligent machines. But do they understand what's behind them? Not everyone has to want to become a programmer or software developer and master entire programming languages. Coding is less about writing lines of code and more about understanding the digital world. To be able to help shape it, you need individual skills to understand programming concepts. This means identifying complex problems and breaking down their solution into individual small sub-steps, developing strategies and thinking abstractly and creatively.  

Complexity and speed are increasing in our society. Therefore, it is important to learn these necessary competencies and skills: the so-called 21st Century Skills. Coding enables children to better understand their environment and to participate in shaping the future. Robots make the subject exciting and varied.

The eXperiBot learning robot makes programming fun.