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Experiments in NaWi lessons

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The natural sciences of biology, chemistry and physics complement each other in many ways. Many scientific phenomena can even be better illuminated and explained as a whole with partial aspects of the respective subject. This is reflected in the science subject. The storytelling approach for science grades 5/6 and up is new to our offering . In practice, it has been shown that this teaching concept motivates students throughout the entire experiment and leads to a lasting acquisition of knowledge for each individual.

storytelling and experimentation

The eXperTeenies with Cory & Nelson stand for reconciling storytelling with the current framework curricula for the natural sciences. Because Cory & Nelson deal with the topics of air pressure, air resistance, air composition and sound transmission in their adventures. Through one-page comic stories, the students, together with the protagonists, get to exciting tasks or questions that need to be solved using experiments. Teamwork in learning groups, station experts, research-discovery learning and technical language training are keywords that are filled with life here. All necessary materials for teachers as well as for students are again completely included here.

Our classic NAWI experiments

Our popular "MINT sets" cover scientific experiments and projects related to everyday life, plants, animals, electricity and people in the usual reliable way. The tellurium also illustrates scientific questions about the constellation around the earth, sun and moon. This model not only makes phenomena visible, but also makes them possible for students to try out and thus understand.

Mini boxes for individual experiments

Our range is rounded off with the Mini Kits. Various, smaller experiment boxes for scientific experiments can be used excellently for integrative and free work. Individual pupils can be supported individually with these experiments.

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