Learning Set Vehicles to build and drive

Lernbaukasten Fahrzeuge bauen und antreiben

Suitable for technical education in general schools. Fundamental concepts of technology and the application of those concepts can be shown with this set. The set contains fischertechnik elements which allow the assembling of simple vehicles, equipment and machines. Easy handling; fischertechnik components just have to be joined together. Therefore model-building and disassembling can be done quickly and without any problems.
The vehicle models can be powered by some interesting alternative drive materials such as spring slat, rubberband, sail or balloon.

Learning Set Vehicles to build and drive

Art. no. 68544

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further product description

Technical specifications

Contents of construction sets
Building blocks 30
Building blocks 15
Building blocks 5
Hinged block
Angle blocks isosceles
Links (in 2 lengths)
Base plates (in 4 sizes)
Driver’s cab parts
Freewheel hubs and hubs with conical clamp
Large pulley with flat hub
Tires (in 2 sizes)
Clips with spring ring (in 2 lengths)
Axle coupling clips
Axles (in 5 lengths)
Additional materials:
Base plates 180 x 90 mm
Sailing masts, wood
Sails, plastic
Spring slats
Holders for drive materials
Balloon exhaust pipes
Clamping pieces for rubberband drive
Rope drums
Spools of string
Rings for tires 45
Box with spare parts
Teacher’s manual ”Vehicles ..”

scope of supply
  • 1 × Bimetallic switch with tungsten steel contacts
  • 1 × Haltefuß
  • 1 × Cord, demonstration, 1 mm dia.
  • 1 × Silikonschlauch, 10 mm x 2 mm
  • 1 × Einräumplan Baukasten Fahrzeuge bauen und antreiben