Physics experiments on wave optics

Supplementary set for wave optics for pupils

The additional kit contains materials and devices for further seven basic experiments
The parts of the additional kit can be stored in the box of Optics 2.0.

Optics 2.0 Additional kit Wave optics

Art. no. 47540

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  • 1 - Interference from grating

    experiment "Interference from grating"

    With the help of an optical grating, the wavelength of the laser of the student lamp is determined experimentally.

  • 2 - Polarisation

    experiment "Polarisation"

    With two polarization filters, the laser and LED light of the student lamp is examined.

  • 3 - Effects of polarisation

    experiment "Effects of polarisation"

    Three experiments on polarization at reflection (Brewster angle), voltage birefringence and chromatic polarization.

scope of supply
  • 1 × Mica in slide frame
  • 1 × Screen, translucent glass90 x 90 mm
  • 1 × Diffraction grating, 300 lines
  • 1 × Diffraction grating, 600 lines.
  • 1 × Diffraction grating, 80 lines
  • 1 × folding box, 2 partitions180 x 125 x 80 mm
  • 1 × Polarizer and analyzer in frame with short rod
  • 1 × Plastic box, smooth 64x64x15 mm


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