Hydroelectric power plant as a model

Hydropower and energy conversion explained simply

Attractive and easily understood model consisting of an impulse turbine and a 6-V, 3-W generator with a transparent end flap all assembled on a common shaft.
Built on a base board with circuit diagram and two pairs of 4-mm output sockets, one for AC and one for DC, used for connecting loads.
There is a choice of plugging an incandescent lamp or an electric motor with a propeller into the load sockets, each of which is on its own plug-in component.
Suitable hoses of 1 m in length are supplied with the equipment for the inlet and outlet of water.
Required water pressure: min. 1.5 bars 4 bars are needed for the generator to operate at full power.
Size: 240 x 175 x 200 mm
The hydroelectric power plant model can be used with water only, not with steam !

Model of a hydroelectric power plant 2.0

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further product description

Technical specifications

Size: 240 x 175 x 200 mm

scope of supply
  • 1 × Lamp holder MES on 19 mm plug-in element
  • 1 × Paddle wheel
  • 1 × Silicone tubing, 7/1,5 mmper m
  • 1 × Bulb, MES, 6,0 V/0,1 A set of 10 pcs.


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