Students Kits

Students kit Electrochemistry

Art. no. 51901

The kit contains all necessary materials and agents to carry out basic experiments of electrochemi...

SEG "Energy Conversion 2"

Art. no. 76350

More than 20 students experiments and written exercises impart basic physics and chemistry phenome...

Students kit Distillation

Art. no. 89756

All usual preparative distillation processes can be conducted safely with this kit. The students c...

Students kit Extraction

Art. no. 89876

With this kit students can isolate less soluble materials. The special construction of the Soxhlet...

Students kit Gas generator

Art. no. 89886

With the kit small quantities of most of the standard laboratory gases can be generated. If the se...

Additional kit Chemistry II – Air/combustion/redox reactions

Art. no. 94105

The additional kit contains all equipment and materials from the kit chemistry II that are not inc...

Students kit Chemistry I – Substances/mixtures/water

Art. no. 9410099

The kit is designed for the elementary instruction. It includes equipment and materials that are n...

Students kit Chemistry II – Air/combustion/redox reactions

Art. no. 9420099

The kit allows activity-orientated lessons on the topics air, combustion and redox reactions.     ...