Electricity and magnetism

Students kit Electronics

Art. no. 20410

This kit contains all the components and equipment necessary for carrying out experiments on the f...

Students kit Electronics including circuit board

Art. no. 20415

This kit contains all the components and equipment necessary for carrying out experiments on the f...

Digital control of experiments

Art. no. 21610

Our electronic switch can be installed directly in any DC circuit without additional operating vol...

Students kit Electricity including circuit board

Art. no. 23200

The kit contains equipment and resources required for investigating the basic laws of electrical p...

Students kit Electricity – Basics including circuit board

Art. no. 23210

Experiments on the flow of electricity and basic electrical circuits Experiments on the effects of...

Students kit Electricity – Upgrade Induction and Alternating Current (AC)

Art. no. 23220

Advanced experiments on electromagnetism and electromagnetic induction   The supplementary set can...

Students kit Electricity – Upgrade Electrostatics, Magnetism and Electrochemistr...

Art. no. 23230

Experiments to illustrate the properties of permanent magnets Experiments on the detection and beh...

Class set Electricity 2.0 Basic circuits for circuit boards

Art. no. 23410

6 groups of students can experiment at the same time.   Experiments Electric circuits Conducto...

Demonstration kit Photovoltaics

Art. no. 49346

Combining knowledge about the possible uses of renewable energy systems has now become a key compo...

Physics experiments on magnetism

Art. no. 49450

In 14 different stations your whole class can explore the elementary properties of magnetism as we...

Students kit Electrostatics

Art. no. 50000

Topics: - properties of the electric charge - contact electricity - polarisation and electrostatic...

High Power Van De Graff Generator

Art. no. 50300

To produce high electric charges for electrostatic experiments. Large, nickel-coated stainless ste...

High Power Wimshurst Machine

Art. no. 50315

For the continuous production of high electrostatic charges. Mounted on plastic covered wooden bas...

Demonstration kit Electrostatics

Art. no. 50332

The kit allows to carry out a series of interesting, partly historical, experiments on electrosta...

Students kit Electrochemistry

Art. no. 51901

The kit contains all necessary materials and agents to carry out basic experiments of electrochemi...

Students kit Electricity Basic circuits

Art. no. 53550

This kit provides an easy way to carry out experiments on conduction and electrical circuits. Furt...


Art. no. 54000

Transformer operated with a mains coil for demonstration experiments on the topics: - Electric wel...

Physics experiments on induction and alternating current

Art. no. 54075

With these high-quality materials, students from grade 9 onwards can carry out important experimen...

Students kit Electro motor

Art. no. 54835

The electro motor is designed of sturdy material. The commutation of the current is ensured by a c...

Demonstration kit DynaMot

Art. no. 54852

To carry out teachers’ experiments with the hand driven generator DynaMot and the experimenta...

Students kit DynaMot

Art. no. 54853

This kit allows school experiments to be conducted using the DynaMot manually powered generator de...