Experimenting in biology class

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We at Cornelsen Experimenta know that biology is most exciting when you can touch and see it. For this reason, in addition to our student experiments, we also offer 3D models and microscopes for the biology department. In our diverse range of accessories , such as magnifying glasses , measuring devices , test kits, indicators and the Berlese apparatus you will find suitable aids and devices for you as a teacher but also for your students.

student sets

With our proven student sets , students can easily immerse themselves in the world of microbiology or explore the habitat of animals and plants or the functions of the human body . The Germinating Equipment class set includes materials for basic botanical experiments. Basic possibilities for experimenting are contained in the class set of tools , which contains all teaching materials for collecting, observing, pressing and the safe preparation of microscopic preparations using a microtome.

3D models

With the many different 3D models, e.g. B. the plant and animal cell , the skin incision and brain , as well as the human skeleton and a DNA kit , the students can recognize biological relationships on the model, try them out and learn to understand them.


Whether you are looking for an entry-level microscope or a microscope for advanced users, whether a binocular or stereo microscope.

digital learning

Of course you will also find digital support for the implementation and evaluation of experiments in the natural sciences at secondary level. These are e.g. B. sensors , data loggers and interfaces , as well as the experiment app eXperilyser. eXperilyser in no way replaces the experiment, but allows the students to concentrate fully on the experiment without neglecting the measurement and evaluation. The app includes data logging and six other modules   for use in technical lessons in order to be able to digitally support almost every experiment.