Vinus explores the world - the teaching concept

Comic episode 4 Vinus sees his friends from afar with their dog Jojo and sprints excitedly towards them. His head feathers flutter wildly. "I picked up this stone here," he calls and comes to a stop in front of Lili and Ben. “I can see it, touch it, and when I put it on my stomach, it almost feels like it started. You know, when the air pressed so hard on me. "Vinus is unstoppable." What you call air can't be difficult. You can't see it and you can't lift it like this one Stein. "Lili laughs." You can really keep you in action with your questions. "Ben groans ..." Let's have something to eat first, then we can think about it together, "suggests Lili." Your questions are namely quite exciting. ” from: Episode 4, Air

Vinus water children experiment With our new teaching concept "Combine experimenting with storytelling" we have created a new product line for elementary school in general education . Immerse yourself and your pupils in the world of experiments and explore the phenomena air and water together.

Thanks to the fabulous story about Vinus and his friends Ben, Lili and Jojo, the students can experience everyday situations in an imaginative and emotional way. The combination of experimenting and storytelling combines meaningful contexts and sustainable knowledge acquisition among the students. Through self-experience and testing, new content can be better absorbed, learned and consolidated.

The children identify with the protagonists of the story and want to explore scientific phenomena together. Thanks to the story, fictitious components for realistic messages and information are implemented. For each episode there are research questions that you can ask the students in advance. This allows you to build on the students' previous experience and check the children's level of knowledge.

Vinus Luft children experiment WithVinus explores the world, your children can learn at their own pace and contribute their own ideas. Because there is no right and wrong in experimenting. Your students always come to a solution and understand scientific phenomena sustainably. You raise questions yourself that you and your group can explore through experimentation. The experienced self-efficacy strengthens the self-confidence of the students and the independently developed solution strategies prepare for the upcoming transfer payments.

The experimental material

When developing and creating Vinus Researches the World , we paid particular attention to the experimental material. It is particularly child-friendly and tailored to children in the first and second class.

Vinus air wood scales Thanks to the effective experimental material, we make natural phenomena tangible for the students. By using natural materials and unique ingredients, the children can build a connection to the environment and better understand it . Regardless of whether the children are researching air resistance with the self-made wooden skateboard or using the seesaw / scale to find out whether air has a weight.

Or how about exploring with the students how to get around in the water. They can find out what materials can swim, how to build a boat or what it does to the water when we swim with webbed skin. Let your children become little inventors, researchers and explorers.

We at Vinus Researches have kept the consumables as low as possible because you can use the materials again and again. Vinus explores the world is designed for working with six learning groups . With a group of 6, 12 - 15 students can experiment at the same time . The experimental material is practical and modular, packed in a portable red case or in sturdy, stackable plastic boxes. Individual modules for one learning group (2-3 pupils) can also be ordered separately as a supplement. Each module in the case and each plastic box contains the same material for all learning groups. The modules in the case can be removed individually. Parts made of wood are partly supplied separately (included in the scope of delivery!) Because they are produced in a woodcut sheet. The individual parts are pressed out once and placed in the prefabricated compartment in the module.
Classification plans make it easier for the pupils to put them back in after the experiment and give you, the teacher, an immediate overview of the completeness of the material.

We support you

Concentrate as best as possible on your children and the experimental lessons. Just leave everything else to us.
Teacher hand out water look into the book

With Vinus Explores the World , you not only get the experimental material and the story, but also a handout that supports you in your lessons. The complete story with impulse questions is shown, which you can read to your children. Episode by episode you will find didactic tips on the methodical procedure, ideas for experiments and valuable tips as well as numerous additional information with references to everyday life , in order to build further bridges to upcoming topics. While you are reading the story, your pupils can visually understand the episodes using the supplied concept stories and can also express their first questions or conjectures here. We have designed them in such a way that they are easy to experiment with and that your pupils can refer to again and again. At the same time, the concept stories act as help and motivation and take into account the differentiated reading and writing skills of your children .

Student logbook water Look inside the book We developed the logbook to give the students something to hand as well. Here the children can visualize the individual episodes again. You also have the option to answer protocol-style questions for each episode. It is entirely up to you whether your pupils write or paint. In the back of the logbook there are additional experiments that can be carried out at home and should make you want to reapply what you've learned and try it out with everyday objects.

Additional accompanying materials

How does Vinus land on earth? Can a spaceship hiss? Can Vinus really be blown up?
Answers to these and other exciting questions can be found very easily. The additional materials available for demonstration experiments help here. Whether the children themselves, you as a teacher or all together - with the material and the experiments that are possible with it, research is really fun and the stories about Vinus help to understand the world in astonishment.