Germination Unit

The multi-purpose container is suitable for making comparisons between germination methods of various plants, for observing the development of plant shoots with roots, stalks, leaves and flowers.
The way the plants twist and coil and seek out light can all be impressively demonstrated as well as the way they react to being touched.
The multi-purpose container is also suitable for keeping small animals and insects inside and oberving them over longer periods to become aquainted with their habits (movements, breathing, eating and behaviour).
Content: Multi purpose container, germination chamber insert with clamping rings, root separator dividing plate, transparent lid, special absorbing cardboards, support rods and connecting cubes for support rods, dropper.

Germination Unit

Art. no. 18083

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further product description

Technical specifications

150 x 75 x 75 mm

scope of supply
  • 1 × Dropping pipette, plastic
  • 1 × Plastic box 140/50/35 mm