eXperiBot - 4 learning robots from Cornelsen for your lessons

eXperiBot explorer Set of 4

Also available in a practical set of 4, eXperiBot is the perfect learning robot for your classroom: super-quick to assemble and can be used with the contextual teaching materials for teachers and students from grade 5.

eXperiBot impresses with its simplicity, step-by-step logic and reduction to the essentials for classroom use. Arianna, our programmer in the accompanying comic, provides advice and tips. So really everyone can learn programming.

The purchase of the practical eXperiBot learning robot set of 4 is at the same time the optimal basis for the further use of the contextualised teaching materials.
In the labyrinth of possibilities (71650) from grade 7 onwards
The smart factory (71630) from grade 5 onwards
The teaching material Smart Factory 71631 is a complete set and contains exactly all the robot modules and components for building the Smart Factory.

2022 eXperiBot learning robot was nominated for the Best European Learning Materials Award (BELMA).

Art. no. 72604

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further product description

The eXperiBot learning robot stands for the proven and robust use of robots in children's hands: completely "Made in Germany".

Special features - Software
Drag & drop in the graphical programming language Blockly makes programming easy and intuitive.
Different learning levels allow a didactic reduction of the selection options to suit the respective level of knowledge of the pupils.
The simple selection of the language promotes interdisciplinary teaching - for example, programming can also be done in English and many other languages.

Special features - hardware
1 multi-sensor for control by: Light, colour, distance, gestures
eXperiBot is ready for programming in 8 steps.
Can be easily extended with further plug-in modules such as the Grabber (gripper), the Twister (rotating element), the Pivot (joint), Single-Motor, various small parts and LEGO bricks.

The set also includes
Charging cable
USB Bluetooth dongle
Printed instructions for assembly and programming
First projects
More worksheets online

eXperiBot is also available separately as eXperiBot explorer set 72601.

Technical specifications

Charging time: 45 to 60 minutes to 100%. 
Useful life: approx. 120 minutes per battery charge

Operating systems:
Windows 10 and macOS 10.13+.
The mobile Android 5.0+ or iOS 11.0+ tablet version is available in the Google Play and App Store.

  • 1 - Project Avoiding obstacles

    experiment "Project Avoiding obstacles"

    Let the eXperiBot explore your classroom.
    In order to do this, it must be able to avoid obstacles. The eXperiBot can detect obstacles with the Multisensor. When the sensor detects an obstacle, it should avoid it by reversing. Otherwise, it should keep travelling forwards.

  • 2 - Project Following lines

    experiment "Project Following lines"

    In order to drive along predetermined routes, the eXperiBot is able to use the Multisensor to follow a line drawn on the ground. This can be created using black felt pen on light cardboard or dark tape on light flooring.

  • 3 - Project Interactive pet

    experiment "Project Interactive pet"

    Imagine if you could give commands to the eXperiBot with hand movements! This is called gesture control.
    You can use it to build a robot pet that always obeys you.

scope of supply
  • 1 × Carton for storage box, 481x425x107
  • 1 × Storage box, red 430x330x99 mm


Smart factory: eXperiBot learning robot with teaching material

Art. no. 71631

The eXperiBot learning robot impresses with its simplicity, step-by-step logic and reduction to th...